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Your Wellness Journey

Relaxation without the rules.
We invite you to create a unique experience at Alyeska Nordic Spa. There is no structured path for your journey. Enjoy the elements in a way that maximizes your relaxation and comfort.

Come as you are. 
Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. The Alyeska Nordic Spa is an inclusive space where we share a sense of community, common goals, and acceptance. This is a space created for everybody.

Effortless connection with nature.
Our spa experience doesn’t require a certain skill set or gear. Enjoying our space is as effortless as water running through your fingers. Surrounded by the Chugach Mountains and immersed in the boreal forest, we invite you to unwind, unplug, and connect with the natural elements.

We are social beings.

The Alyeska Nordic Spa is a social space. As one of our guests, you are part of our community of wellness. We recognize the health benefits of social connections and encourage you to enjoy our space with the people you come with. 

Circuit Map

Each reservation includes: 

Barrel Saunas

Steam and Dry Saunas

Relaxation Space

Exfoliation Room

Hot Pool

Warm Pool

Cold Plunge Pool


Immersed in Nature

We pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy ecosystem and reducing our impact. Alyeska Nordic Spa was developed with significant consideration to the boreal forest. Trees and natural elements were integrated into the design when possible.

We use environmentally-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions and feature locally-sourced foods and spa products.