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Ease of Mind and Body

Massage Therapy

Before Your Visit

Before Your Visit

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Massage & Hydrotherapy

Enhance your Nordic Spa experience with a massage treatment. All massage services include Hydrotherapy Access. Our massage therapists offer 60 minute wellness experiences customized to meet your individual needs with options including aromatherapy, deep tissue focus, CBD and side-by-side couples treatments. 

For same day bookings, guests should contact the spa to check for availabilities.

60 min | $255 per person

Relax, restore, and heal with our signature Forest Aromatherapy and customized massage designed to maintain balance and promote wellness.


*Unscented options available upon request

60 min | $285 per person

Inspired by the hot and cold of the Nordic Spa experience and the wellness heritage of sauna cultures this specialized treatment incorporates warming and cooling elements. Also, luxuriate in sauna whisking traditions to improve circulation, promote oxygenation of the entire body, and create a deeply restored calm.

60 min | Forest Therapy for 2 people $510

60 min | Nordic Signature for 2 people $570

Simultaneous massages for two guests. Family members, friends, partners and others can enjoy any of our massages together in our tranquil massage suites for two.

CBD Oil Add-on

$40 Add-on

Enhance your massage with CBD Oil. Our On The Mend Oil from Simple Jane is designed to sooth sore muscles with an ultra-light blend of lemongrass, lavender and eucalyptus oils which help uplift the body and mind while easing inflammation to speed post-workout recovery.

Prenatal Massages

60 min | $255 per person

Designed to maintain balance and promote wellness, expectant mothers can reserve a Forest Aromatherapy or customized Signature massage Please be sure that you are outside your first trimester of your pregnancy (beyond 13 weeks).