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Welcome to Alaska’s first Nordic Spa.


Welcome to Alaska’s first Nordic Spa.


Alyeska Nordic Spa

Set within the jaw-dropping scenery of Alyeska is the new Alyeska Nordic Spa. Welcome to a space that invites you to embrace the elements as you experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. Move between hot and cold pools surrounded by the stunning boreal forest. Rest in saunas and steam rooms, and enjoy a moment of connection with yourself and others. 

Located on the grounds of the Alyeska Resort, the new spa is the first Nordic Spa in Alaska. Featuring a 50,000 square foot indoor-outdoor experience, the Alyeska Nordic Spa invites you to join our community of wellness in the Last Frontier.

Disconnect & Reconnect

Inspired by Nordic hydrotherapy practices, your wellness journey will relax and rejuvenate you. Offering twelve hydrotherapy pools at varying temps, as well as four sauna rooms, several barrel saunas, steam rooms, and an exfoliation room, the spa is a wellness facility inspired by tradition new to America but commonplace in Scandinavian countries.

Indulge in a massage treatment or a delicious meal at the bistro. Disconnect from the stresses of the outside world and reconnect with yourself, nature, and the ones you’re with. 

Explore what’s to come

Barrel Saunas

Steam and Dry Saunas

Relaxation Space

Exfoliation Room

Hot Pool

Warm Pool

Cold Plunge Pool


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